Little Heart Dance it Out

DSC_0244_FotorMamma mia… after two weeks of solo travel I spent a week at the seaside with Chiara and the girls. This is an annual tradition of theirs and, because I was able to join them, they decided to stay for an additional week at the seaside (without dad). The days flowed together in a routine of sandy mornings, afternoon naps, swimming in the evening, and watching the Littles dance with the other kids. By the end of the week I was absolutely exhausted, as was Chiara, and so we shipped the kids off to the grandparents house for some much needed adult time. Nevertheless, despite the sometimes cranky kids, we had an amazing time watching them experience the delights of the Italian sun and sea. DSC_0041_FotorDSC_0049_FotorDSC_0080_FotorThis particular area of the coast is full of family-friendly hotels and beach amenities. Our allotted spot had volleyball courts, playground equipment, an abundance of lounge chairs, and all sorts of play things, though the trampoline was hands-down the girls’ favourite activity. DSC_0091_FotorDSC_0094_FotorDSC_0112_FotorDSC_0123_FotorDSC_0127_FotorDSC_0170_FotorDSC_0178_FotorDSC_0023_FotorWe all slept in the same room, sun-weary body after sun-weary body in a line across three beds. We slumbered early with our young crew and so oftentimes the pink of the sunset sky would match the pink of the curtains as we closed our shutters against the nighttime noises of other families. We slipped our browned legs into the white sheets glazed with the sand from our feet and read a bedtime story or two before lights out. The last thing I saw every night before sleep came was the shine of the glow in the dark soother in the bed next to mine.DSC_0033_FotorDSC_0237_FotorDSC_0205_FotorDSC_0263_FotorDSC_0308_FotorDSC_0332_FotorIt was a long week, to be sure. Children are no walk in the park, particularly when you share the same room and set of sunshine fatigue. However, there were so many seemingly sacred moments throughout my week that I can’t help but be grateful for the whole of it. One of the girls taking my arm in her little hands to give me a kiss, knowing I wasn’t feeling well; sun screening their little bodies and brushing their wet freshly washed hair; holding hands in the sea; sharing whipped cream and smiles from across the table; and watching those girls dance, dance, dance. DSC_0340_Fotor


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